For fast, positive livestock identification. The two-piece Flexible Tag system has male and female components sold separately, in 10 colours, providing endless tagging solutions.

Flexible Tags

What are Leader Flexible Tags?

Male Female TagsLeader Flexible Tags are ear tags that can be used for all livestock – beef cattle, dairy cattle, deer, goats, pigs and stud sheep.

Leader Flexible Tags are designed for high-retention rates and made from a durable, flexible plastic. Only Leader provides “Reinforced Strength Bars” in the necks of its tags for added reliability and longevity.


The 2-piece system allows you to combine any Female Tag with any Male Tag, in 19 colours, providing many tagging combinations to best suit your livestock.

Tamperproof Tags

Flexible TagsLeader Tamperproof Flexible Tags may be used as a matching management tag for all NLIS devices.
Please note that Leader Tamperproof Flexible Tags are not an official NLIS approved product.

Easy to apply

Flexible Tags can be affixed with the quick-release Aluminium Fast Tagger or Plastic Fast Tagger to provide a safe and speedy tagging process. Can also be affixed with the Flexible Tag Applicator (Standard).

Marking Options

Laser Marking allows you to print almost anything on one or both sides of your tags. Foil Stamping can be applied to a broader range of colours. Or simply mark your tags with a Leader Marking Pen. Laser Marking is suitable on a choice of 8 Laser colours. Foil Stamping can be applied to all colours.

Feedlot Tags

One-piece Leader Feedlot Tags are ideal for shorter-term usage. Apply these with the Feedlot Tag Applicator. Tamperproof

Suggested Applications

Although any combination of Male and Female Tags can be used, some suggested applications are:

Stud Sheep and Goats: Female Mini Size 5 + Male Mini Size 5 OR Female Size 2 + Male Size 2.

Calves and Pigs: Female Size 2 + Male Size 2 OR Female Size 3 + Male Size 3.

Cattle and Deer: Female Size 3 + Male Size 3.

Adult Cattle: Female Size 4 + Male Button Size 1 OR Female Size 4 + Male Size 3.

Tag Application Instruction Sheets

Female 4(pdf, 395KB) Female 2 & 3(pdf, 398KB)
Male 2 & 3(pdf, 398KB)

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Female Female Tamperproof Male
Flexible Size 4
Flexible Size S4
Flexible Size 3
Flexible Size 2
Flexible Button Size 1
Flexible Mini Size 5
Flexible Bell Tag

Other Uses

Not just for livestock

Leader Flexible Tags are durable and fully customisable – making them suitable for a wide range of applications – not just for marking livestock. Existing customers have used them for a broad range of applications, from marking grape stocks in wineries, to labelling luggage, to providing a unique mark on craypots – just to name a few.

Leader can create a tagging solution to suit you or your companies specific need. Contact Leader via our enquiry form or call us direct for more information.

Other uses

Logo Tags

Mark the logo of your company, school, club or organisation on a flexible tag, available in many colours.

Event Tags

Stamp the name of your event, function or special occasion on a tag for an everlasting memory.

Laser Marking

Our laser marking system makes for permanent marking with the laser mark impregnating the tag and becoming part of the tag. Laser marking enables more flexibility in your marking options. Laser tags may be custom ordered with virtually unlimited number of marking options including: logos, brands, numbers and bar codes.

Laser marking

Colour Range

Available in a variety of colours that contrast Leader Laser Marking to maximise readability. Colour range includes: yellow, purple, red, green, blue, orange and white.

Stamping Sizes

5MM / 10MM

Feedlot – 9 characters
F4 / TF4 – 9 characters
F3 / TF3 – 8 characters
F2 / TF2 – 6 characters

15MM / 20MM

Feedlot – 8 characters
F4 / TF4 – 6 characters
F3 / TF3 – 6 characters
F2 / TF2 – 6 characters

20MM / 25MM

Feedlot – 7 characters
F4 / TF4 – 7 characters
F3 / TF3 – 6 characters
F2 / TF2 – 6 characters

30MM / 40MM

Feedlot – 5 characters
F4 / TF4 – 4 characters
F3 / TF3 – 4 characters
F2 / TF2 – N/A


Feedlot – 4 characters
F4 / TF4 – 4 characters
F3 / TF3 – N/A
F2 / TF2 – N/A

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Foil Stamping

Leader Flexible tags can still be printed using the original foil stamping method. Tags are available pre-stamped with standard names, logos, and numbers on the front or back of the tag.

Foil Stamping

Colour Range

ColoursEleven standard bold colours are available or foil stamping. Foil stamping can also be applied to Laser colours. Black foil is used to mark all tags except for black tags, where white foil is applied.