Foil Stamping and Laser Marking

Marking your tags

Foil Stamping and Laser Marking is available in a variety of colours. Please note that Leadertags used for Laser Marking vary slightly in colour to maximise readability.

Foil Stamping

Long arm stamping: up to 8 letters in one line or two rows of eight letters.

Short arm stamping: Up to 7 letters in one line or two rows of seven letters. Two prefixs and consecutive numbers eg: CP 999

Laser Marking

Our laser marking system makes for permanent marking with the laser mark impregnating the tag and becoming part of the tag. Leadertag Laser marking enables more flexibility in your marking options. Leadertags may be custom ordered with virtually unlimited number of marking options including: logos, brands, numbers, bar codes or a combination of these..

Above: Long Arm of Leadertag Foil Stamped.
Below: Long Arm of Leadertag Laser Marked.


Leaders in the field

Leader Products started in the livestock identification business in 1950 with the introduction of the first plastic ear tags for sheep which evolved into the patented “Leadertag” ID system for sheep. Hundreds of millions of Leadertags have been sold worldwide.

For Long Term Application

Leadertags have stronger arms and a positive self-locking design. A curved recess holds tag in correct position at all times. The tags are constructed from a specially formulated material and the cross section gives greater strength.

For Better Stock Management

Use a different colour for each age group to save time when drafting for each age and gender. Place Leadertags on opposite ears for ewes and wethers making drafting of sex easy and accurate. Micron tags can be used in conjunction with Leadertags to depict the micron colour range chosen.

Quick application

Tags are applied in a single action with the Leadermatic applicator (in plastic or aluminium). Using these applicators is up to 60% faster than previous methods.

Need a Larger tag?

For larger animals or when a greater surface-area is required for Stamp information, use Jumbo Leadertags.

Age Mark with Leader’s Colour of the Year