Radio Frequency Identification with Leadertronic HDX Cattle and Sheep Tags and Ceramic Rumen Boluses. NLIS-approved. Recyclable components for cost savings.


What is RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a lifelong tagging method that allows livestock to be tracked with electronic devices, or RFID Readers.

RFID products come in two forms – ear tags, with in-built radio transponders, and boluses, an inert ceramic device that is inserted and retained in the animals stomach. Boluses are usually accompanied with a Flexible Ear Tag (or management tag) to indicate the animal is carrying a bolus.

What information can be monitored with RFID?

Animal ownership, ageing, weight monitoring and breeding programs

NLIS approved

In Australia, the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) enables individual animals to be tracked from property of birth to slaughter for food safety, product integrity and market access purposes. More information about the system can be found on the MLA website.

International Systems

Leadertronic devices are also approved by the AHB New Zealand, the CCIA Canada and the MAFF in the United Kingdom. USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) have approved the Leadertronic for use in the NAIS program.

Durable Design

Leadertronic Tags are made of durable plastic encapsulating ISO transponders and are designed for life-long retention. Boluses are designed to be easily inserted and are made of an inert ceramic encapsulating ISO HDX (half-duplex) transponders. The newly developed Leader EID Tag is a 1-piece tag based on the trusted design of the Leadertag.


The 2-piece ear tagging systems allows you to combine any the Female RFID components with male components form the Flexible Tag range. Simply apply with the Flexible Tag applicators you are familiar with.

Tamperproof or Reusable

Leadertronic Tags are either Tamperproof or Reusable. Tamperproof tags ensure a higher level of security, and reusable tags are used to provide cost efficiencies.

Easy to apply

Leadertronic tags can be fitted with Applicators from our long-established Flexible Tag Applicator range: Aluminium Fast Tagger, Plastic Fast Tagger and the Standard Flexible Tag Applicator.

Leader EID Tags are applied with the Leadermatic for EID Tags. Boluses are simple to apply with the HDX Cattle Bolus Applicator and HDX Sheep Bolus Applicator.

NLIS Codes

Cattle- Breeder:
LBF White

Cattle- Post Breeder:
LEF Orange

Sheep- Breeder:
LSF Yellow

Sheep- Post Breeder:
LTF Pink

Goat- Breeder:

GOAT- Post Breeder:

Please note: The letter ‘F’ on the NLIS Codes represents the tag year (2010). This letter will change each calendar year in alphabetical order eg: LBG (2011).

2009 NLIS Breeder Stamping

2009 NLIS Post Breeder Stamping

2009 NLIS Matching Management Tag Stamping

Suggested Applications

Leadertronic HDX Cattle Tag
The tamperproof NLIS-approved ear tag for cattle contains an HDX Transponder.

HDX Cattle Bolus

The same HDX transponder used in the HDX Cattle Tag in bolus form – insert into your cattle to attain excellent retention rates and high level of security.

Leader EID Tag

The 1-piece Leader EID (Electronic Identification) Tag combines the best of both worlds: the proven body of a Jumbo Leader Tag containing a high performance HDX transponder. Suitable for sheep and goats.

Leadertronic Tamperproof HDX Sheep Tag

The 2-piece ear tag system for sheep contains an HDX Transponder.

Leadertronic Reusable HDX Sheep Tag

This female tag component can be reused several times – the male stem can be cut, and after disinfecting the tag, can be reapplied using a new male tag. Provides a cost-effective tagging solution for sheep.

Leadertronic Reusable FDX-B Sheep Tag

Lightweight tag, low cost sheep tag with FDX-B transponder which has less read distance – can be an advantage is some uses.

HDX Sheep Bolus

The same HDX transponder used in the HDX Sheep Tag in bolus form – insert into your sheep to attain excellent retention rates and high level of security.

Laser Marking

Our laser marking system makes for permanent marking with the laser mark impregnating the tag and becoming part of the tag.

Laser Marking allows you to print almost anything onto your tags – Farm name, Property number, Transponder number and Mandatory Government NLIS markings.

The Leadertronic HDX Tags are popular due to high visibility of numbers – marking are in a straight line.