Flexible Button Size 1

Flexible Button Size 1 Tags are available in Female, Male and Female Tamperproof varieties. There are 11 Standard colours and 8 Laser colours to choose from.


  • Flexible Size 1 Female: 28mm wide
  • Flexible Size 1 Male: 28mm wide
  • Flexible Size 1 Female Tamperproof: 28mm wide

Custom Marking

Tags can be custom-marked using Laser Marking or Foil Stamping. Laser Marking is suitable on a choice of 8 Laser colours. Foil Stamping can be applied to all colours.


Button Size 1 Female and Female Tamperproof Tags can be secured with Button Size 1 Male Tags or any of the other Male Tags in our range – available in Flexible Size 3, Flexible Size 2 and Flexible Mini Size 5.

Button Size 1 Male Tags can be used to secure any of the Female or Female Tamperproof Tags in our range– available in all sizes.

Button Size 1 Male Tags can also be used to secure Leadertronic Tags from the RFID range.


Can be affixed with the quick-release Aluminium Fast Tagger or Plastic Fast Tagger to provide a safe and speedy tagging process. Can also be affixed with the Flexible Tag Applicator (Standard).


Please be aware that due to screen colour variations, colours of products may vary slightly from what you see on the screen.