Flexible Size 3

Flexible Size 3 Tags are available in Female, Male and Female Tamperproof varieties. There are 11 Standard colours and 8 Laser colours to choose from.


Flexible Size 3 Female: 58mm wide x 73mm long
Flexible Size 3 Male: 58mm wide 73mm long
Flexible Size 3 Female Tamperproof: 58mm wide x 73mm long

Custom Marking

Tags can be custom-marked using Laser Marking or Foil Stamping. Laser Marking is suitable on a choice of 8 Laser colours. Foil Stamping can be applied to all colours.


Size 3 Female and Female Tamperproof Tags can be secured with Size 3 Male Tags or any of the other Male Tags in our range – available in Flexible Size 2, Flexible Button Size 1 and Flexible Mini Size 5.

Size 3 Male Tags can be used to secure any of the Female or Female Tamperproof Tags in our range– available in all sizes.


Can be affixed with the quick-release Aluminium Fast Tagger or Plastic Fast Tagger to provide a safe and speedy tagging process. Can also be affixed with the Flexible Tag Applicator (Standard).

Tag Application Instruction Sheet
Female 2 & 3 Flex tag Infosheet F23.pdf [397.79units_k]
Male 2 & 3 Flex tag Infosheet M23.pdf [397.11units_k]


Please be aware that due to screen colour variations, colours of products may vary slightly from what you see on the screen.