HDX Cattle Bolus (Leaf)


MLA (Meat & Livestock Australia) have now approved the Leader ceramic NLIS bolus to be supplied with an identifying 2-piece green Management Tags marked with the word ‘Bolus’. (Male component not shown above.) This newly-regulated combination provides an RFID system retained for the animal’s lifetime.

Boluses can be bulk-shipped as the green Management Tags don’t need to be matched to a corresponding bolus. Great savings on big orders – ask your Distributor or Leader Representative.


Boluses can be inserted with the HDX Cattle Bolus Applicator. Management Tags can be applied with Plastic Fast Tagger, Aluminium Fast Tagger or Flexible Tag Applicator (Standard).


Bolus: 67mm long X 19mm wide
Management (Leaf) Tag: 35mm high x 33mm wide

NLIS Stamping

NLIS Stamping for green management tag is a set requirement of the word ‘BOLUS

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CODE 6014.1