Leader Jumbo EID Sheep Tags

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The 1-piece Leader Jumbo EID (Electronic Identification) Tag combines the best of both worlds: the proven body of a Jumbo Leader Tag containing a high performance HDX transponder. The tag yields high retention rates and with its highly visible and readable face, complies to ISO 11785/6.


Available in 8 colours (colours of the year). Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow and Pink.


Can be applied with Leadermatic Aluminium Applicator.

Custom Marking

Tags can be custom-marked using Laser Marking, a proven technique used to mark Jumbo Leadertags. The tag can be supplied in all the colours of the year.


42mm long x 12mm wide


EIDS1015 YELLOW (2013)
EIDS1017 RED (2014)
EIDS1012 BLUE (2015)
EIDS1013 BLACK (2016)
EIDS1019 WHITE (2017)
EIDS1014 ORANGE (2018)
EIDS1018 GREEN (2019)
EIDS1020 PURPLE (2020)

Leader Sheep EID Tag Range

Leader EID Tag Specifications file: LEADER EID Tag Specifications.pdf [335.74units_k]
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