Leader Race Reader

Race Reader

Features and Benefits

  • Reads all NLIS devices, ear tags and rumen pellets
  • Compatible with all major scales and software
  • Built especially for the livestock industry
  • Use in all weather conditions
  • User friendly LeaderLink NLIS transfer software
  • Distinctive tones and very bright LED’s identifying a device read, stores or non-functioning.
  • Will not duplicate animal ID in current session
  • Visual screen displays animal count
  • Up to 1,000 sessions with max of up to 2,000 per session
  • Up to 10,000 RFID storage
  • Ability to clear the memory from the reader
  • Reads and stores RFID number for easy download at a later time.
  • Sends RFID number direct to scale indicator, laptop or PDA.
  • Seven days a week helpline to original purchaser for first 12 months (conditions apply)


  • Requires external power supply 12volt (optional extra)
  • Data Security: Non-volatile memory ensures all stored.
  • RFID’s are safe even if battery goes flat.
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to + 60°C
  • Operating frequency: 134.2 kHz HDX (half duplex)
  • Read Distance: Up to 1200mm from antenna
  • Read Speed: 100 Milliseconds
  • Data Lead: 5m reader to computer serial lead
  • Data Interface: Serial RS232 or Bluetooth (optional)
  • Baud rate 9600, Data bits 8, No parity, stop bit 1

RFID Readers Product Range.pdf