Multipin EID Tag

Leader Products are proud to announce that shortly a release of new sheep and cattle tags will become available to all our respective customers. This long term range that consists of 18 new products that has been in development for a number of years and is soon to be ready for release.
The first product to be launched is the Multipin EID tag which will be the latest tag in our EID sheep range. Consisting of a transponder that is over moulded into the pin of the tag using revolutionary new moulding procedures, these tags will not only have the strength to withstand the rigours of the environment but have also been tested against other market devices. Leader Products have specifically developed a transponder to ensure the performance is the best on the market.
Please direct any questions relating to our new NLIS product release date and or performance to our International / National Sales Manager John Finlayson on or 0448 884 636.