Swivel Tags

Available by special request only. Please contact Leader before ordering.


Self-Piercing Tags For Sheep & Goats

Manufactured from high grade material, swivel tags are self piercing and can be applied in seconds. They are principally designed for short-term use of up to 2 years. There are 20 fadeless colours available.

Colour Embossed Stamping

11 letters in a line or 2 rows of 9 letters. Consecutive numbers. 2 prefixes and 4 consecutive numbers.

Colours Available

A1 Dark Red CODE 5080
A2 Blue CODE 5081
A3 Lemon CODE 5082
A4 Black CODE 5083
A5 Dark Green CODE 5084
B1 Orange CODE 5085
B2 Royal Blue CODE 5086
B3 Yellow CODE 5087
B4 Brown CODE 5088
B5 Pink CODE 5089
C1 Red CODE 5090
C2 Sky Blue CODE 5091
C3 Aqua CODE 5092
C4 Purple CODE 5093
C5 Peach CODE 5094
D1 Rose Red CODE 5095
D2 Light Green CODE 5096
D3 Mauve CODE 5097
D4 Apricot CODE 5098
D5 White CODE 5099